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Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM)

September 16-18, 2015, Gwangju, Korea


Date : September 18 (Fri.) 2015, 13:00~17:00
Participation : Conference participants with partners (45 persons)
Operating Contents : Gwang-ju bus tour with professional culture and tour guide. (3 hours) (We provide English-guide service)
GIST Oryonggwan(Conference room) → Mudeungsan[Mountain](Traditional Culture Center , The entrance of Mudeungsan, Jeungsimsa[Temple]) → Asian Culture Complex(ACC Archive & Research, ACC Children, ACC Theater) → Art Street → If necessary(Gwangju Station, U-squre/bus terminal) → GIST Oryonggwan(Conference room)


Mt. Mudeungsan (1,186m) features three rock peaks called Cheonwangbong, Jiwangbong, and Inwangbong, also known as the “Jeongsang Three." Mt. Mudeungsan is also known for its beauty throughout the year. The fall autumn leaves of Gyubongam and Eoksae grass of Baekma ridge is quite spectacular. In the winter, snow and ice on the mountains create exquisite scenery as well.


The site of the old provincial government building of Jeollanam-do, a space that symbolizes the May 18 Democratic Uprising in Gwangju, has been reborn as Asia Culture Center, a venue to promote creativity and exchange in the culture and arts of contemporary Asia, as well as a place for visitors to experience the unique and diverse cultural offerings of Asia. Operating under Asia Culture Center are ACC Culture Exchange, ACC Archive & Research, ACC Creation, ACC Theater, and ACC Children,institutions that perform independent functions while serving as part of a fluid, integrative system, thus demonstrating the diversity and vitality of Asia culture while connecting Asia with the international community.

1) ACC Archive & Research is Communication between Past and Future

- Collects, classifies, and preserves cultural resources in Asia assisting their industrial applications
- Fosters experts and manpower for research projects and cultural contents planning related to Asian culture
- Consists of the Asian Culture Research Institute, Asian Cultural Resource Center, and Asian Culture Academy

2) ACC Children

- Develops and spreads educational art-culture contents that nurtures sensitivity and creativity of children
- Serves as a futuristic cultural complex that provides diverse cultural hands-on activities and games for comprehensive education based on art and culture
- Art-Culture Contents Development Center, Children’s Art-Culture Museum

Art Street

Gwangju Art Street is aimed at developing Gwangju’s traditional art scene through exhibition of local work. The street is 300m long and located behind Jungang Elementary School, nearby Gwangju Dongbu Police Station. Items commonly found here include Korean fine art such as paintings, ceramics, writings, and industrial art. Part of the attraction is the stories the collectors share with each part of their collection. Enjoy the many shows and exhibitions that draw regular crowds to this famous road.